Monday, April 7, 2014

Upgrading the push mower trailer

Made this trailer quit a few years back . It's holding up well .The only problem is that the mowers tend to bounce around to much and roll back and forth burning the grass catchers on occasion . 
We are going back to running cheap light weight mowers with NO bells and whistles . In the past it worked great . Get 2 or 3 seasons out of them and throw them away or sell them to staff . The mowers are used to hand mow Tee surrounds . One of the worst jobs on this course . 

Going to build a fuel tank holder for it instead of the basket . The basket use to hold rop ratchets bungee cords etc . 

 The front mower is going as far forward as possible .

I decided on using 1/2 solid rod stock and 1/4" x 1.5 "flat stock for wheel ramps and holders . This way when they drive them on it will go up a little ramp and lock in place . 

Nothing to fancy for mounting to framing . I'm going with 2 nuts on each end tacked together and welded to frame .

Figuring out how I'm going to attach a handle to flip the rams up into wheel locks . 

Had some old solid round stock that I drill out to slide over rods and tac welded them in place where needed . 

Now was the time to figure out an easy way to lock handle in place that the staff will use . 

Went with this but wound up changing it a little . Same idea I'm using a heavy duty spring compressed between metal tabs  

All the staff have to do is turn the tab . The spring tension will keep it where you put it . No bungees or rope ratchets . The boss and I are getting tired of picking them  up off the course . Lol 

The rear mower will have to be close enough to the front mower to not burn the grass catcher . I know why not just take the grass catchers off ? Tried that but if your not watching the staff 24 - 7 their going to find the easiest way to do something . So instead of banging my head against the wall you might as well go with the flow and figure out something that works for everyone if possible . 

The trailer tilts back a little the piece of angle iron behind front wheel is just to hold the mower in place .

Rear mower gets 2 sets of wheel locks 

The handles just go toward each other onto the stopper and hinge clasp . 

Wound up going with this design for the latch  for all three handles .

This spring loaded latch holds well . 

The tailgate was a little short . I found it hard to load the mowers on . Upgraded the latch system to this  set up . The bar goes through the frame to the other side .

Made latches to weld on to the shaft . I welded it in place along with a handle .

Extended tailgate with left over angle iron  and a couple of 2 x 4 .

New handle has a stop so it doesn't lay on the ground . Makes it easier to latch the tailgate .

After I'm done I try it out to see what its like . Found a design flaw . The tail gate handle a latch was in the way of the last flip up wheel lock . Cutting it off shorter and reworking the latch solved the problem

All painted up and ready to go .

Turned out great .

One thing you figure out really quickly is that if it's not easy the staff will not use it causing damage to machinery . The tail gate is going to get extended a bit .The spacing between side and wheel will also be filled in to stopp side to side sliding . Spring is finally here and the guys will back back very soon . The only good thing about a late spring is that I had a chance to make some improvements on previous modifications . The returning staff will totally enjoy them .

Next up will be getting the blower put to bed . check the plow and put it on a pallet and keep it handy till after Easter . Salter is the same clean and grease and keep it handy . As the guys remove tarps .I'll be setting up the cold storage barn up for the mowing season ...setting up mowers on trailer and getting them started . Can't wait to get into the summer routine . It's been a long winter .  

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