Tuesday, March 18, 2014

GK IV retro fitting a reel

We had an offer to sell an engine and hydraulic pumps off an old GK IV .
Received $1000.00 for them . Now I'm left parting out the rest of the machine . Check out the parts and prices in the used equipment section . We had an older  (20 +years ) set of rebuilt reels that won't fit on the newer 2000 GK IV. 
So today spent reworking the old set to fit . My problem was the set is to wide  for the pull frame .

I have to remove the reel frame mounting bolt back .

To fit the frame it has to look this way . Spacing between bolt mounts is 25.25" If the problem was to big a reel frame Jacobsen sell adapter bushings to fit .

Dremmel tool works perfect to zip them off.

Pretty tight area and have to knock the rest off and clean up with the dremmel tool . 

Now you can drill it out . the rod is solid and the hole fairly deep . You may have to use a smaller drill bit first then step up to the right size for a 3/8 course thread bolt . ( 5/16th ) You can see the welded on hook in this picture .

Drill it far enough so the tap will not bottom out . 

Tap the threads next . Slow and easy . You will have to work it in and out and clean off the tap many times .

Next on the old style reel the hook is welded on . With this set of pull frames I have to remove the hook to get them on . Check the angle with an angle finder first.Next I'm making up new mounting brackets .

1 " pin made a good template .

Fitting bracket

Clamp in place at the pre determined angle .

Weld in place .

Could order new hooks but went this route . Drilled all the holes needed before cutting out the shapes with a cut off wheel . 

I left about an 1/8th - gap to get a good weld .

Now I have 2 sets of sacrificial reels to use after top dressing .

Now I have 6 sets of reels not on machines sitting in the shop . Time to build a rolling reel rack . 

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