Tuesday, February 25, 2014

MD tailgate upgrade

We have been having a problem with our 2012 MD Toro tailgates.After a second attempt with another tailgate they where still sticking and not latching or getting stuck . Getting stuck closed is a big issue because most staff will try to open it bending latch parts . One of the tailgates has more side to side movement causing some of the problem plus when they run sand or soil the latch would get jammed up with debris . The head service tech from our dealer was out to do some measurements of the dump boxes for Toro .

We received two tailgate upgrades this morning . 

Tailgate part #

Hardware part #'s

Tailgate still looks the same .

I did notice the pins are beveled now .

Old latch system.

Doesn't take long to change them over . Maybe 15 Minutes each from start to finish.

I think a different bolt will be needed to attach the lanyard kit . Some are on the way . 

This latching system makes more sense for what they will be hauling on the golf course . Less chance for dirt or sand to get in and if it does it will just vibrate out . 

The bottom hinge is also different .It has a built in spacer and the bolt mounting holes are oval to take any side to side  play out . 

 Looks great . Have a good feeling about this system . 

Thanks Toro , Bill , and Veseys for the help with this issue. 

Nice to see a companies monitoring complaints and validating and correcting problems when needed.

Also while they where in I put a grease nipple in this area .

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