Friday, February 28, 2014

Club Car Bench seat repair

One good thing about Club car ...Their seats last very well . Some of mine are 14 years old .But eventually like all seats will need replacing . Great thing about the seats is that the seat covering is available in many colors in the parts book .

The plywood backing was starting to fall through the opening.

Seat cover still looks OK but they get pretty brittle and usually can't be saved .

Pull it all apart and use the old base for a template .

You can round all the edges so it will not cut the new cover .


Drill the new holes and start putting some of the hardware back on . 

New cover .

Start in the middle and work out to the sides using 3/8 ths. staples . Trying to keep it as uniform as possible . The driver side  foam is a little worn out . All the staples were pulled out and using screws works fine to put the rubber pads back on.

Back on . Might out last the machine now .  1999 Club Car Turf II .

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