Thursday, January 30, 2014

Salt hopper repair

Doesn't seem to be letting up anytime soon . We have had more snow so far than the past 2 years combined . Our Plow truck hit a patch of ice and slid into a guard rail. Looks pretty bad .

This is how my day started . I did receive a text before hand to give me a heads up . 

Not to much to these spreaders . 

Pulled the mounts out and split the hopper in a few places . Using duct tape as an extra set of hands to hold the cracks together worked very well .

Must have hit the spinner framing and pushed it sideways a good 4 " .

Best way to repair was to remove all the framing parts and straighten them out on the vise and using a steel plate as and anvil to hammer on .  
I had some steel plating kicking around the shop for repairing the cracked and pulled out areas . 

Put the hopper back on and started putting the spinner framing back together . 

On assembly a few parts had to be straighten out some more to line things up .

Good as new . Cost was about 2.5 hours.
Accidents happen . Our job is to keep the gear running . Being handy in a few trades can make the impossible possible with little expense....... sometimes . 

On a side note :
 I replaced a steering cylinder on one of the Toro 5410's . The old one went to a local hydraulic shop to see if they could refurbish it . For less than half the price  I have a TESTED rebuilt unit in my parts bin that could be used on a number of different Toro equipment at either course . So if we have a problem on one of the machines it can be replaced right away with little down time while the old one gets rebuilt . It's never a good thing when a large area mower is down .

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