Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hand and wrist protection

Picked up a set of these gloves from Lawson . After years of wrenching and repetitive movement it will affect your wrist eventually . I knew I had a lot of wrenching to do with the 5410 reels . For me when I'm taking things apart that involve aluminium and or aluminium alloys I like to use hand tools and try not to use the 1/2 air gun . 3/8 drive ratchet  works best for me . Pre soak the areas your working on with penetrating fluid .That way I'm not snapping bolts and have a little better feel and control . 

Not a big fan of gloves but these where not to bad . Lots of wrist support and plastic guards to keep the wrist in proper position . ( very similar to something worn for carpel tunnel ) 

 There are a few Velcro strips to hold pressure against the wrist .

Very comfortable , I did like the support it gave me . Took all the stress off . 

The palms and fingers are well padded for those times you tend to loosen a stubborn bolt/ nut by slamming the palm of your hand on the wrench . Most likely will not use them all the time but will be wearing them from now on when the wrist pain comes back . 

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