Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Down Time (cleaning my Foley bedknife grinder)

I have the pro - Gator in and waiting on parts . My reel mowers are all done so this is a good time to clean up one of my grinders and get it ready for the up coming season . I had a couple of ideas for it this season .

The left side bedknife holder I find is so far over that I'm jamming my fingers quite often when install bedknives and getting the holder screwed in place . 
Here it is all changed over . The adjuster was almost touching the side before.

I removed the holder . Measure it first so it can be installed out in the right place . The stationary side was moved over to the right 2.5 " . Drill a 13/64 th hole and tap for a 1/4 20 - thread.

put the holder on and measure to square up the other side and do the same . 

I measured from the back 3.125". 

We don't have any large size bedknives like you see on tow behind Ganges or National reels. If for some reason I need to put it back it won't be a problem . I'm protecting the old mount threads with set screws and never seize .  

I shouldn't have a problem getting my hands in there now . 

Most bedknives I have  are 21" + -. Plenty of room . 

I cleaned up the base section and repainted it again . I have not used the pump in the factory location ( pic below) in years . Every year I dump my version out and install a new one . Lasts the whole season and I won't fill it till we're ready to use it this summer . Every one has a cleaning bucket or hydraulic container around the shop to use if you want to move the location . I had run a hose from the drain plug  a few years back . The 5 gallon bucket was perfect . Nip the corners of the pump plate and I used a piece of 4 " irrigation pipe and a brick for the pump to sit on . The best part is any grindings go to the bottom of the bucket plus you don't have water sitting in the tray usually dripping on the floor the whole time your not using the grinder . 

The original pump location.

There was some sheet metal in the shop . So I made up a cover for it . 

The grinder does have an angle gauge . But ( below pic) I have used an angle finder for years on the inside .Works great . 

Parts just came in for Pro -Gator . So I'll be tackling the spin grinder later .

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