Monday, November 18, 2013

Fall project at New Ashburn

Nice to see the extra line being added . I use to do the irrigation here years ago and set up the flow manager on their Rainbird system  . The original plans showed a line going across the river but wasn't  added . Before we could only run about a little more than half the flow rate across the river to get full coverage on irrigation heads  .The problem with this was being able to run a full irrigation cycle for entire course would take all night + + . Good to see them using the High Density Poly and welded joints . Pretty much indestructible . With the additional 450 + - GPM they can adjust the flow manager to get maximum  out put and most likely will half the time it takes to irrigate the course .

Line coming down from 17 green area and runs along bridge section and above ground along side of pond area.

The final hook up . Looks great . I'll try to get more pictures later .On Vacation this week .

A few more pictures during the cleanup .

New line riding on saddles on the bridge section .

Getting pretty cold up here now some areas are frozen and will be finished off when the climate permits .

A lot of valves added in this location in 17 fairway . They tide the line to  help feed a few more irrigation runs .

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