Wednesday, October 16, 2013

MDX (MD) sticky throttle problem and fix

Our MDX has a few season on her now . Still holding out well . Lately the throttle pedal has been sticking down causing the machine to keep running when you let off on the throttle . Pretty simple fix . After dismantling and cleaning up the parts I used a little never seize . I also drill and taped a hole for a grease nipple to solve the problem . My Toro MD's are a little newer but they will get the same upgrade  this winter . Good thing they have great brakes on them !!!! Ten minute repair. As a golf equipment mechanic you may have to do these type of alterations . Different climates may cause issues not foreseen by the manufactures . It will also prevent a run away cart running into a tree or worse someone on the course .   You can see my homemade plate to keep guys from pulling the throttle cable to make it go faster . They are factory issued on the MD's we have now .

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