Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ceiling Hoist Review

I thought I would touch base on my ceiling Hoist install and use . Wasn't used a lot this summer . I managed to keep up on my cuts with front ( sometimes top facing too ) facing bedknives and a light back lap . A few of the smaller heads I can still man handle them where I want them . Today I gave it a good test run . One of the fairway units needed a spin grind to get us through to the end of the season . I may do the other next week . The hoist was a God sent and made the transition from floor to my roll top and them over to the grinder staying in line with the ceiling rail a reel breeze .
Here are what some of my 5410 reels whined up looking like by the end of the season . I end up having to weld sections in for relief grinding in the winter . Where going to get some rock hammers to leave on the machines and the operator will have to take care of the problem areas . We finished coring our greens this week  and  use the cores to repair / rebuild the nursery then the rest are used to smooth out some of the areas on the course . The Fairways are slowly getting there . No ! the notches in the reel have nothing to do with the 5 line pattern that some of the techs are seeing .
One of the Toro 5410 reels being lifted to go to my roll top you see on the left side of pick

Rolls on the rails very well . 
I use my roll top a lot . Good solid surface to prep reels for grinding .

Then hoist it up and slide it over to the grinder in one smooth action .

Did a great job with no issues . One of my best winter builds yet .


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