Friday, August 23, 2013

Big Culvert Project @ New Ashburn

New Culvert going in between #1 green and #2 tee this week . This is the only area that was built up when the course was constructed  to cross the river . It's the only way we can get large machinery out on the course for renovations.The old steel culvert finally collapsed to the point where it was unsafe to cross to get to # 2 tee . The rest of the course has covered bridges for river crossings .  Perfect time to tackle...very dry ... the river is down to just a creek and had to be re-routed till the job is done .Irrigation was cut and capped . There is another main line that can still feed the system for watering  .Construction  started on Monday and expect to be finished by Friday . There is a very small window to get it done in time for the coming rain .  The golfers are getting chauffeured to the next hole for their safety .
Lots of gear needed. It's a pretty big undertaking where the old culvert elevation was pretty deep .

View from the back of #1 green . The excavator is getting a pad ready for the crane . 
I'm not really that far from the hole but it is down pretty deep as you can tell by the size of the workers in center of the picture .
Service road in background.

All the new cement culverts sections are at the site and ready for placement . Seven Foot diameter pipe and each section weighing 11 tons .
Won't be much longer now most of the prep work is done . Once the contracted work is finished the crew will be tidying the area up , hooking the irrigation pipe up and reconnecting the wire for their decoder Rainbird system .
Stay tuned more pictures / and comments on the project to come from Brian Gouthro ( superintendent )


Posted by Bob's Shop for Brian Gouthro (superintendent of the New Ashburn Golf & Country Club)

 The 5 ft. galvanized culvert which was installed in 1969 rotted out . The provincial  Dept. of the Environment decided a 7 foot concrete culvert with fish baffles had to replace it . After months of delays ( on Environments part ) we started installation on a Monday, backfilling began on Friday. The job went well and I am confident the extra prep time we spent on the site allowed a fast and efficient installation The members couldn't believe the scope of work involved. I was happy and relieved to see how crystal clear the water in the river remained during the whole operation .

Headwall to prevent the water from under cutting the culvert being placed .

They are using a 37 tonne crane to move an 11 ton 7 ft. inside diameter culvert .

We used a 450 to push the 11 tonne sections of culvert in place.

Tamping the gravel around the culvert . It will require gravel up to the spring line on both
sides .

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