Friday, June 7, 2013

Tropical Storm on the way

Should be hitting us around 9 pm tonight . Calling for 50 + mm rain . We managed to get everything cut before the storm . Fairways are sprayed and seed heads have seemed to subsided now my fairway lines have disappeared again . Soon will be time to stop grooming before the hot weather hits . We are noticing the grass standing up much better now that we have been grooming for the past month . It's a slow process but every season it's looking better and better . Not a bad day for a Friday in the shop . The Smithco trap rake made another trip to my shop . After the head gasket job I noticed the battery was dying. I'm hoping the stator  wire didn't get pinched or broken when I reassembled the engine . After checking the 2 stator wires to ground I new I was good . The regulator just happened to go bad at the same time . New regulator and the charging system was back on track . Everything went smooth for a Friday , machines where all coming of the course in a timely fashion for me to adjust and or backlap them in to get the cut back . Where going to need nice sharp equipment come Monday .

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