Friday, May 10, 2013

Toro MD Tailgate Hangers

I had an issue with the guys dumping loads of sand into bunkers and the tail gate would drop so quickly that it broke one of them  on the hitch (we think ) The dealer sent out some hanger kits that keep the tailgates level when dumping .

One thing I did notice is the latch assemblies work their way loose very easily . You may want to disassemble and use loctite on them .
This is the kit #.

Comes with all the hardware to change a few parts around .

Remove the plate that holds the latch .

Hold the cable in place on lower section and reinstall with the new mounting plate . The beveled hole for screw goes on tnhe bottom .

Use loctight on everything . Otherwise with all the banging and shaking they will come loose .
There are knock out plugs on both sides of the tailgate .

Knock them out with a punch. The bar in the kit goes in here through to the other side .

Install the cables with washer and bolt in kit .

All done . Pretty easy install . Also double check the hitch to make sure it doesn't strike the tailgate when fully open . Make adjustments to hitch as needed . Our new tailgate . Thanks again Vesey's for the quick response.

The things I noticed while doing the first initial 25 hr. service . When I went to
change the oil I was surprised that this model does not have an oil filter and recommends changing the oil every 100 hrs . With the dusty conditions and the work load placed on these engines I'll be changing ours every 50 hrs. as recommended in operators manual for extreme conditions . Also the Operators Manual has no mention of how much oil goes into this engine . It's 1 liter( +  - )  .I did notice that where the remote oil filter is on the MDX the air filter is in it's place . I would keep and eye on it . If the guys are hauling loads into the wooded areas to level spots out ,there is a good chance of it getting knocked apart by branches laying on the ground . Personally this is the least likely area I would have place this filter .Not having an oil filter is puzzling for the amount of work they do , even the B+G vanguard engines have an oil filter .  

The adjustment on the starter / generator is not maintance friendly . The pinch bolt (dead center of pic ) is hard to get at even with a lift . I may have to bend an old box end to make this adjustment next time .

Park brake was backing off because the set screw was not tightened also the rubber boot can be troublesome to get off . It's to bad there wasn't a sensor to keep the guys from driving off with the park brake on . I'll have to check with the dealer , maybe there is . Seems to be a lot of ADD  - ONS to make the machine a little nicer . For the price of the add - ons and the cost of the machine I don't understand why they were just not put on the machine in the first place .( Just in my opinion and 2 cents worth) 
 The staff really like using them and where they swivel in the center it really makes it for a smooth ride in the bumpy areas on the course . All 4 wheels are always on the ground .

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