Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Toro 5410 Adjuster Upgrade Revisited
I have been playing around with settings on these mowers since we received them a few years back. They have been known on some courses to leave a 5 x 2" line pattern that match up with the difference in the front and rear roller lengths . The Boss does not seem to concerned about them because they will fade out in a few days . I personally don't like the look but maybe I'm to fussy . Our Old models we had previous did not show this pattern but they where much heavier reels and more blades .

First cut of the season back in April . The cut was noticeably better and can faintly see the lines . Now that we have groomers on both units I think going a little more aggressive on them for a few weeks  will take care of the rest .
 Today's pics of double cut fairways in dry conditions ( noon time )after a good jump in grass growth after the recent rain .
Last season in these conditions the lines would have been very noticeable . After about the 10th time out the bedbars are holding their edge better with very minimal wear on the ends unlike last season. Still early for us the grass has a lot more filling in to do and the leaves are just starting to pop on the trees . Of to a good start .
Current settings /options and conditions are as follows . Mower : rear brush kits , rear rollers on each deck in middle setting , rear chain on last link . Rear lift arm springs on hightest setting , groomers set down to 2/3 rds of HOC + HOC .650, front whillie roller scrappers ,Traveling 5.5 mph. and clip set on the highest setting . Mowing : double cutting Heinz 57 low grow yesterday in wet conditions after a good jump in growth . They look very good considering the grass they were hauling up and cutting . I'm going a little more aggressive on the groomers ( as per cut pics above ) tested today on the old holes .
So far I'm pleased in the adjuster upgrade and the QOC this early in the season . Good choice for our course and foresee the problem fading away for good .

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