Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rainday Monday..................busy......busy

I love rain-days when no equipment goes out . The staff where kept busy doing traps and laying sod .Large mowing equipment were kept of the course till it drains a bit .

   As a turf equipment mechanic you should be well aware of the what goes on around you in the way of weather / fertilization and spraying . For instance from past experience I know that this is a good day to get everything razor sharp , It doesn't necessarily mean grind everything ( impossible task for one tech in one day )Here is what I did on my rainday to prep for a big jump in grass growth . I had a tee mower in the shop to replace a pull cord , so I started with the 2 Jacobson PGM mowers we use for Tees .First repair the pull cord then checked QOC ( quality of cut ) the reel look good but the bedknives lost their sharp edge . So I'm remove the bedbars on them to regrind the front face and set back up and backlap in . Once you get good at it and know your machines well it's easier to remove bedbars to grind front faces on a good grinder . There are a number of front facing tools out there but I never get the quality of grind like I do on the grinder and it doesn't take that much time to do . One can be done from start to finish set and cut in less than 10 minutes .A tri-plex 30 to 45 min.  Next the Toro  flex 21 (3) came in and all knives where removed and front faced and backlapped in . Approach mower ( GK IV ) was next . I did noticed last week the rear reel was leaving lines . After a closer look I seen that the bedbar mounting bolt had backed off causing the reel and bedknife to rifle . This rear reel needed a regrind ( spin ) and bedknife top and front faced to . Then checked the QOC on the front . Everything went out cutting newsprint .  Rough and fairway units I checked on Friday as they came off the course so I knew they were ready to go . The sidewinder made a trip in . It had a dragging feeling when backing up . Found a large branch wedged in the brake arm. I also had time to drill out some 1" hole in the backing plates so that the grass can be blown out of the wheel hubs .

  Tuesday is our maintenance day on the course . This is the day that the club sets aside and holds back Tee times so that we can get a jump on our maintenance practices on the course to stay ahead of play . So this  Monday I'm  getting equipment ready for Tuesdays plan to verticutting and top dressing greens . The new verticuters where installed on the Toro 3150 Q . Had a few small issues that we resolved with our dealer .Then when the reels came off I removed bebars to grind the bedknives (3) . They set up very well with no need of backlapping.Bench set the HOC and put away for later . Stop and taking a mental note of what gear is needed for your maintenance day to make sure it is all ready to go . The GK IV we use after verticutting I had ready last week , New bedknives ground and spin ground the reels . Loaders running and the top dresser is new and coco-mat is by wash rack . Toro pro-force tow behind blower is running strong just check the oil   So we are good to go . Minimizing any surprises makes for a good maintenance day .

   Yes I backlap even with owning good grinders . Frontfacing bedknives is key . To mate the surfaces I will backlap as needed . I will not backlap more than a minute or two . I only do it for speed and convenience to get the cut back to where it was when it came off the grinder . If not .....then it goes on the grinders . With the on board backlap systems (tri-plexes etc )on modern eguipment why would you not backlap ? This topic about how or what's the best way to have sharp equipment most of the time can get to be a heated topic on tech sites . Basically through trial and error and type of equipment / grinders /time and golf course grounds maintanance pratices / budgets at your course will determine what you can do .

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