Friday, May 10, 2013

Finally Some Rain

All hands on deck this past few days to get the spraying and fertilizing and turf repairs, vetting of greens/ tees finished before the rain ( 3 or 4 days worth ) . It has been a very dry spring so far . By mid week we should be seeing a good jump in the growth . We will be busy again just to keep up with it . Should be a few more staff coming soon to help out . Staff's still working out good . A little more organization and training and will be off to the races . Leaves are starting to pop on the trees . They must have been waiting for the rain .
       Groomers are working out great on our fairway units and the cut looks a little better with the adjuster upgrades . Our new to us GK IV from the sister course cuts fantastic and with the easy to remove buckets effectively collecting the clippings for greater appearance . Irrigation's pretty much complete and Rainbird computer is ready to go . Had a little delay with the shop electrical panel having to be replaced . Lots of material dropped of and yard bins are pretty much full and ready to go . Last of thbe debries in the yard has been carted of and everythings looking good .

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