Friday, April 19, 2013

PGM drum seal collars

We have a few of the PGM 22 mower here at the course . When greasing the drums the outer seals tend to pop out allowing sand / water to get in at the brass bushing . This is not my idea but when I read the post I knew it was going to be the fix for me and thought I would pass it on . I held of for a while because it is in an ackward spot to get the collars on .
One of our PGMs we use for tee decks .
This is the problem . When greasing it will pop the seal 9 times out of 10 . You grease these through the drum 4 of them .
One of the techs posted his fix . He bought some collars to fit the shaft .

After removing the bolts I put a dab of grease on them to help hold it on the shaft.


You WILL need a ball head Allen key (new if possible )3/16 ths. in my case .You can use a 3/8ths. wrench to get more leverage on Allan key . It's the only way you will get the bolts in . I also used blue loctite on them . You will have to be in the right frame of mind and patience to get them in ... but it can be done . I did four of mine today ...8 collars .

Just before you tighten the bolts all the way force the collar against the seal . Problem solved !!!

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