Friday, April 5, 2013

First Mow

A few of the new guys started  and are removing the ice shields this past week . Yesterday the breathable tarps were pulled back to get a mow on them and pulled back on at the end of the day . I set up a couple of T walkers ( PGMs ) at .200 " to save the freshly ground flexes on the first mow . Cold and windy spring so far but the days are getting longer . Some trap drainage has been started and a few traps are getting reshaped to their original design . I've been busy with small problems and adjustments on machinery making their way out of the shop  +  grubbing up the brush pile area and mixing it up and piling it high to give use more compost room . Next week may be a good time to work on the loading hopper . Brrr.................Hopefully it warms up soon . Sure would be nice to have the bay doors open again . It was great to smell the fresh cut grass .

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