Monday, March 18, 2013

Toro MDX small issues

We have had this machine for 2 seasons . It's popular with the guys and is one of the first machines they go to . For some reason Toro does not have a reverse buzzer on these models ? Last season we had a few issues at the narrowing hopper where the guys would forget that they backed up to get a load and when they left they went the wrong way hitting their helmets on the hopper . This year we are getting a couple of MD's which do not come standard with backup buzzers. So I'm ordering the kits and installing them on theses units when they get here . 

 Here is one small problem that makes me leave the shop at least a dozen times during the season . Above is a pick of the fuse block .The problem is when the guys are hopping in and out they tend to hit the large fuse for the dump bed stopping it's function .
 I corrected this problem by removing the mounting bolts and just flipping it to under the bonnet . Re drilled for mounting holes and install . It  will be more protected and less mud etc . will get kicked up on it .
 While doing the winter work on this machine I noticed the remote mounted oil filter lines where getting wear marks .The engine  moves up and down on the rear swing arm . I'm thinking with heavy loads and our bumpy terrain it is rubbing on the box frame .

A few zip ties should take care of it . The only thing I really dislike is the starter generator placement and belt adjustment . Also the starter/gen terminals and wire ends are starting to look weak from all the debris splashing up on them , I'm hopeing that they will not snap off when it becomes time to give them a good cleaning . Over all not a bad machine and the big plus is how the machine swivels in the center ,makes for a very smooth ride and all 4 wheels stay on the turf .
I post some pic's later on of the back up buzzer install when I get them . 

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  1. Hi there
    I have a MDX-D with 400h on the meter. Engine worn out due interference between air inlet tube and transmission rear drive wheel. The inlet tube has worked as a vacume cleaner on the drivebelt filling the engine with dirt. I hope Toro know about this because it will be a costly repair.
    best regards