Friday, February 15, 2013

New Shop update pic's

There on the move now . A little behind but now since the building is enclosed it will start to pick up . Some last minute adjustments to get things then way they want . Now's the time to figure out exactly where to put things and tweak a few of the ideas. So much easier to see the space visually .  

New equipment managers shop .

 Lots of metal studding going up floor to ceiling . You can really get a feel of what it's going to be like .Looking at offices on the right and washrooms on the left . There will be a very large common area in the middle for a lunch room .
 Straight out and to the right a little from the sheet of plywood will be where the lift will go .
 Some real nice windows for the office area . There are some on the end of the building in the shop area for some natural lighting .

 Doorway to the cold storage area .Lots of ventilation going in and they where just mapping out and installing the doorway to the grinding room while I was visiting .
Chemical room down on right side . It was such a nice day out they had it all open to dry things out some more . Gutters and exterior trim work almost done . Looking good . Can't wait to see Als shop all set up . 

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