Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sister course getting a much needed NEW SHOP

This is where it's all going to start next season . Finally a New maintenace and storage facility . The new building will provide shelter and save place for all their equipment . Before the grass even starts to grow this is where it all begins. One of the most important areas in the golf course to protect and maintain your investment .

A large area cleared and large pad put down where the building is going . This is a view from the mechanics bay door in the old building . 

 Footings being dug out for the new structure
 Frost walls all in place and backfilled in .

 I was told that the entire building came on 2 tractor trailers .
 Looks like there are prepairing this area for the infloor heating and plumbing .

 Now things are looking up and framing is starting . It takes a long time to get to this step . You want a good foundation to build on.
 Makes for the rest of the building to go up quickly .
 Speeding right along now the walls are going up and roof sheathings laying on top ready for install .

 Looking down towards the new cold storage area where all the gear will be housed inside .
 They made an area where the old sheds where for the new greenhouse . Anchor posts are all in place . Good spot right beside the water supply by the wash rack .
 Lots of bay doors to exit the building . I like the color choice .The first door I'm guessing is for the repair/maintenance shop . I can't wait to see the grin on Al's (mechanic ) face when he gets a lift . I know when I received mine I couldn't stop smiling for a week . If you have a facility that can handle a lift I highly recommend it . It will speed up service to equipment and is much safer to work under . Quicker turn around time for adjustments and greasing during the season . You can catch lots of issues before they become big problems $$$$ out on the course . At my shop the mowing gear gets adjusted/greased as needed right after they come off the wash rack after mowing . That's how much faster it is .
 There is a picture of the old shop . Structurally sound and it's in the plans to get re sheathed and a new roof . It will be a perfect area to house the rental carts and won't tie up any space in the new shop . Great Idea !
 A special area was designed to house chemicals .
 Looks like an area for ventation .

 In floor heating for maintenance and office area .
Washroom area . I'm pretty sure there will be  a shower (s) for the spray techs to use .
Stay tuned for more pictures as I get them
The sister course is by my house so it makes for a nice walk to get some pictures .

 Finally all enclosed .

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