Tuesday, January 8, 2013

3500 Grounds Master (sidewinder) seized park brake


Starting the winter work on our sidewinder . I noticed when bringing it in that
 the park brake wasn't fully releasing . I used a 2 jaw puller after loosening the hub nut . Hit the area with a good penetrating fluid . I put a lot on tension on the pulley with no luck . DO NOT hit the end of puller with hammer it may cause damage to the wheel motor . Using a propane torch I heated the casting part of the hub and had to tap it in different areas and tensioning the pully somemore till it finally popped off . 

After removing wheel hubs this is what I found . The left side was packed and right was fairly clean .The wet grass was trapped inside the hub. 

 The area dead center of the pick above was almost seized solid .
 Remove the cotter pins and pin from the linkage.
 I tried working it back and forth with pentrating fluid but decided to take it apart for a good cleaning and lube .

 Remove the 4 bolts and plate falls right off .
 Shoes and backing plate.
 Before taking the backing plate apart I clean and punch the shaft and bushing area so it can be assembled back together in the right spot .
 Clean the shaft on the wire wheel .
 I used a bore brush to clean out the bushing type area .
 Put a good coating of never-seize on moving parts .
And reassemble .  Clean up the shoes and drum with a medium grit sand paper .
 I have some foam strips in the shop.
 There is quite a large gap for the park brake lever to move in .
I'm going to stick two pieces together around the lever and hope it will help in shielding out grass . If it works I may rivet a same shape piece of metal and stick the foam to that next time . Temporary fix for now . When you install the hub nut use blue lock-tight and it is torqued to 250 to 350 Ft lbs. Check this nut a few times during the season , we had them loosen off at both course .
After servicing this machine I notice a couple of steel lines where damaged a little .My concern is it's in the area of the sliding arm for the rear deck .  My machines not due for a hydraulic change yet but I did order and received the lines for repair . If they happen to give me trouble I have the lines in stock . Some items are not in stock for next day delivery most companies can get them to you fast for an additional charge direct from manufacturers if they are available in stock . So I'm saving myself a few steps for the future repair.
When training operators on this machine make sure they are wearing their seat belts and it has a ROPS installed . They have been known to slip out on the back end on the edge of steep slops and do a barrel roll down the bank( early dewy mornings ) . It happen to one of the staff last season . No Seat Belt on . He was very luck it could have been a bad situation . They can cut a steep slope and come with a slope gauge for a reason " stay out of the red zone !"   Sidewinder fared well on the roll over minimal damage .



  1. I've had this same issue a number of times over the years. The brakes on the 3500-D are the only thing I would change about its design. I would like to also see an interlock installed on the parking brake to prevent operators from driving off with it engaged.

    1. Actually, there should be a p-brake interlock. Kills the motor. The interlock is integrated into the Control Module, so check for the indicating lights.

      Based on the pattern of grass sticking to the backing plate, it's my guess that the left plate is just hammered with high velocity grass clippings. It's only a matter of time for the grass to get past the shield, pack the area behind the brake and then work into the brake drum. I'm going to fabricate a shield from a mud flap to try and deflect the grass away from the shield. Hopefully this will make the shield more effective. Frankly, I don't know why they just don't use a hydraulic lock valve to provide the parking brake.

  2. Our 2010 has the interlock switch . Touch the pedal with brake on and it will stall. Later I may drill a 1" hole in bottom of backing plate and install a plug so clean out will be better .