Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Toro 5410 HD DPA click adjuster upgrade

I recently purchased the heavy duty adjusters to try.I'm finding that the bedbar wears more on the ends and think the cause is the bedbar bending and flexing while mowing  . Although they cut well I'm hoping it will keep the light contact area be more constant during mowing . This kit may not be needed for some course . Our course provides some mowing challenges .Plus on a couple of ( healthy )fairways we see the light 5 line pattern . We are getting another set of groomers for the other fairway machine and with a little more aggressive setting and these adjusters we should be getting better results .

 Here is the kit Number . The Kit will do one SET of adjuster per reel .
 The kit is very similar to the original design . The click adjusters are nyloced in place with bigger wave washer pack . The springs on the backside of the bedknive are heavy duty .
  A very good set of instructions comes with the kit . The shield doesn't have to be removed , I'm just getting ready to grind and just cleaning the grass shield . Back the click adjuster off a good half turn and remove springs , washers and nyloc nut .
Remove bedbar . 
 Then snap ring adjuster wave washer,bushings .
 Clean inside area well with a small brush or bore brush .

 Clean the outside area where the recess area is for the bushings.
 The bushing has a notch to line up .

 There is a mark to help you line it up . It's a little finicky but once lined up you can push it in with your thumb .
 While it's all apart it's a good time to
 drill 7/32 hole
 tap for a 1/4 - 28 thread
 Put a little loctite on and install a grease nipple in this area .
This is what the guys on the tech sites have come up with for the seizing adjuster problem in some areas . I cleaned mine out last season and still had corrosion build up issues . Hopefully this will solve the problem .  
 Install the new wave washer and click adjuster . Use lots of anti seize . Put the thin washer and nyloc on the other end . Then grease.
 Torque to 20 ft. lbs . Below is a pick with the rest of the parts  installed . Reassemble bedknive and adjust .

The newer Toro machines already come with the up grade .The grease nipple on the adjuster have worked out well . 

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