Sunday, August 12, 2012

Greens King IV rear lift arm frame repair .

 Although the old style GKIV are a long lasting dependable machine there is one issue that comes up once in a while . We had one come in the shop with the rear lift arm frame mount disconnected from the frame . I take a look at them in the winter and weld up any cracks but this one totally pulled out .

Remove the cutting unit with pull frame and take the reel motor off and move out of the way .

 Remove the battery cables off the battery . Negative first . There is going to be some welding in the repair .
 Next I took the bushing and frame piece off the lift arm . There is a clip on the back side and it just pulls out , save the washer shims for reassembly .

 Check around for any other cracks or problems . ( above ) found this bracket was pushed up almost pinching the rad hose off . The metal tab hanging down from the frame is from a past repair . I'll leave it there and reuse it . Grind off any rust a debris and line the part back up in it's original position .  
There was a missing bolt under the rad support . These bolts are really important for strength to this area and most likely caused it to to flex and twist back and forth till it let go .

 Weld everything back in place . The past repair had a piece of metal wrapped around the bushing for extra support . I reused it and welded it back in .
 A little paint and grease .
 I even put a couple of tac welds on the backside to keep it from twisting .
Reassemble everything in reverse order and take out for a test mow . Ours turned out great . Not to bad of a job with a lift and basic welding skills . This unit is the one with over 10,000 hrs. Still runs strong . My repair may out last the machine this time ....................maybe . 

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