Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Equipment Lift pads .

After a season of working around a lift for the first time I'm very use to where the position of the lift is most time . My biggest fear is having somebody walking through the shop ( not paying attention )  and getting a nasty gash to their head or getting knocked out . At first I got a few bumps here and there and started wearing a bump cap . I did paint a bright yellow line around the lift which didn't seem to help . I try to get after the staff for passing through the shop and to use the hallway instead . With the constant staff changes every year it's an endless battle . The majority of the staff here are college students .   Above pick is the end I'm protecting .

 We have some 2" Styrofoam that I traced the shape on .
 This spray glue worked great for attaching the Styrofoam to the lift . Didn't react or melt .
I used a piece of tape to hold it in place till it took well . Using a hacksaw blade and rounded of the corners . 

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