Monday, February 13, 2012


 IGCEMA  .The site cost 0 dollars but are open to donations .  You can also sign up for LIVE webcasts as they become avaliable or view archived sites .  A live webcast is a great experience for new golf course techs . You get to interact with fellow techs before the webcasts starts sometimes bouncing ideas around . Most of the webcasts are hosted by people that are top in their field . They are very informative and well done, followed by a Q+A afterwards . Most of the webcast run for about 1 hour . Some of the topics cover rolling , sprayers , machinery , grinders ,filters etc.
  Also on the site there is a by-weekly BBQ for techs to basically hang out and chat about anything and everything tech related or not . Hosted by J.T. and can run many hours with techs dropping in and out of the site at any time . Some nights they may get techs from 4 or 5 countries chatting away.
 Turfnet also host webcasts an archived webcast site . There is a cost for joining , but if your superintendent is already a member you can join as a tech/assistant  for free on their account if the account holder allows it .    Turfnet also has something called Turfnet TV where they highlight 2-3 minute clips of great ideas / products /people etc, in the business .
   Educational and entertaining some up the webcast I have seen .
My MDX Toro  is done . Fairly new machine . Mostly regular maintenance . I'm going to start rust checking the nooks and crannies of these newer machines every winter and see if I can get more years out of them . The biggest problem with machinery in these parts is having the frame or body not rust away . The engines and suspension last for ever on our golf maintenance carts . I'm bringing in the JD TX gator .Great unit . Most of the staff go for this machine first . I'll get some picks .


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