Wednesday, February 22, 2012

TX Gator Delay

 Last Friday I drove the TX off the lift and left it in the shop to dry up the floor pan that was painted . On Monday I went to pull it out to store away and no go . After checking a few things (electrical connections )I found that the starter solenoid ( step and go )was bad and ordered a new one . After installing it today The machine would turn over but not start now . Now this machine had no issues before I started servicing it . So I back tracked all the work done and double checked everything . I even went so far as checking the valve adjustment again .
Half way through the tear down process to check the valves I noticed the governor cable ( spring one below the shifting cable ) had fallen off . I knew I solved it now but checked the valve adjustment again anyway . Just goes to show you that you can do everything right and something like this can add a few hours to your day . 

Started to clean up the bed knife grinder while I'm waiting for the pro-gator to be sent out for leaf spring work on all four corners . I looked around at parts and I'm in an area that has a shop that specializes in suspensions and  can do it a little cheaper freeing up my time . Our old Toro1250 sprayer next . Front end needs some work it's wearing out the smooth tires to quick. Might be an early spring and more gear to go over yet . I'm predicting 2-3 weeks early start up unless the rest of February goes bad .

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