Saturday, February 4, 2012

JD Gator 4x2 debris build up under seats .

 We have 2 of these units here (2004-5). I noticed the floor pan was getting weak by the frame.
 Every year I pull the seats and cover off to clean around battery etc .  It was a little more work to pull the tank .
 This year I removed the gas tank and found a lot of debris under and around it .
 The tank has only one bolt holding it in and I'm thinking by drilling a bigger drain hole in the bottom I might be able to lift on the fill neck of the gas tank and flush around  that area with the wash rack hose .
Welded in a patch to support this area . I'm going to paint on some rubberized coating on the inside before replacing the tank . Over all not a bad machine they tend to burn more oil then my other maintenance carts but have been pretty dependable .

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