Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Get with the times

One off the high tech tools in the shop . Nowadays information is available  in the NOW not later . I can do most of this site with just this phone including pictures . It's my personal phone but find it very useful at this job  . There is an excellent  network of techs out there that help each other out . Great for warranty work , I can send pic's of a problem or issue to dealers or manufacturer if needed . I can also use it to cross reference spark plugs etc . eg;  champion to NGK . I will also take pictures of where wires , hoses and parts go if needed before tearing a machine apart . Also store all my contacts , salespeople order desks for parts on the phone . Sometime if I can't get through on the order desks I can e-mail them the part # and get them to e-mail me back to verify the order .   
   Good thing I have unlimited text because staff will text me if there is an issue so I can get them up and running quicker out on the course and less time is spent looking for me . I did take over an old desk top we where going to throw out for record keeping and storing PDF files . I can print off the pages (from manuals) needed for repair . Now if the old shed can get up to speed with high speed internet I wouldn't have to download so much information at home to bring in . 
I'm using a Blackberry bold 9780 .Some guys are using androids and I-phones . The I-phone has a a lot of apps. some  can remote run a computer , basically you can use your I -phone to turn your irrigation on and off ( with an internet connection ). When I first started in the business we use to turn sprinklers on by hand .  Things have sure come a long way in the past 10 - 15 years . Technology can be a good thing if you use it to your advantage .

Side winders done for now . I have checked out many things and some idea from other techs and I'm thinking that the rear deck must have hit a stump and bent the arm slightly . If it gets any worse it's going to have to be heated up and bent back .

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