Friday, January 20, 2012

4x2JD Gator dump box repair

 After servicing this unit I notices the rear frame for the box had rotted away . Our machines have the box liner in them and a few years back I had removed them and painted gator guard on the bottom and put the liners back in . It's been at least 3 seasons ago and looks like I'm going to be doing them again .
I knocked out all the rust I could then cut the bad sections out . 
 Dug out some metal from my scrap pile from another project that I can use for the frame . There was an old cushman engine cover out back which is perfect sheet metal for filling in holes .
Unhook your battery cables first . Only have a stick welder here so I have to be careful not to burn holes through the sheet metal.

I'm using a 1/16th rod at 30amps (that's as low as I can go ) Just spot welding and moving around filling in spaces. A mig welder is much more suited for this kind of work .  I priced up a new box and they go for > $1000 dollars but this repair will get us by for a couple more years .
I also tacked in washers  at the hinge area , it was getting pretty thin . When it's all done I'll use some seam sealer and gator guard the bottom again . The underside is going to get rust checked from here on in .

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