Friday, November 18, 2011

Cushman tow hitch Fabrication .

We have a problem with cushman hitches sagging and eventually bending at the frame . My idea is to get more support using the dump box pins . Are they over loaded ? Very possible , this is a golf course and these are great work horses and are used to there maximum ability and then some just like most golf course machinery .  

I started of by hanging plates of the box pins . Drilled out so they can slide over the pin .
Then I cut some heavy wall square tube stock to align across hitch . My original intention was to weld it under the hitch . I did it this way for the other model . The tow tab was extended and bolted to original one .
Lining everything up and tack together .
Welded up .

 After hauling heavy items including the water trailer it has not budged at all .

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