Tuesday, November 29, 2011

630 Foley Spin Grinding set up .

I had a little time the other day and going to show some key points in setting the 630 foley for spin grinding . First read the basic grinding set up in the manual . Service or have your grinder serviced if your going to be doing a lot of grinding . I try to go over mine well at least once a year . I'm setting up a 5410 reel but all reels have the same set up . Set the reel on the table top and line up the front roller brackets out as far as you can  to the ends of the roller. Next set the gauge up and adjust the horizontal and vertical adjustments on roller brackets to get it near center .
If you look under the reel the reel should be in line about 3/8 or less above the table top .
Roller brackets .
I have a brush kit on the 5410 so I just put light pressure on the tab . Usually you would lock down the rear roller .
I'm using the wide 5" stone for this grind . If for some reason it's hitting the front roller you can adjust the roller brackets towards you one or two notches or use the smaller size stone 3.5 ".
Hook up the bracket to mount the gauge . A good tip is to take a reading at center of reel shaft on the end and set it at zero on gauge then check between each land and watch how much it can be out . If the readings for example are 0 - .15 - .35 - .65. Then I would mark the shaft and use the .35 reading and reset to zero . Moving back and forth adjust reel to get it to read 0 at each end . We only adjust from the one side to with in 10 thousands of an inch . Once that is done , remove bracket for gauge and put gauge on the same pin on drive motor that the bracket was on . Now you are ready to adjust reel up and down . Spin reel around to find your mark from the other adjustment and repeat the adjustments . I might do both adjustments twice to get it really close .

The wheels on far right adjusts reel  up and down and front to back . Drive motor hooked up to reel . I don't hook mine up till all adjustments are done . The drive motor slide in and out and adjusts up and down with the large wheel

This lever unlocks motor from shafts so you can slide it back and forth to check clearances with gauge .
Right now I have the motor slide unlocked and turn the transverse switch on and slide it across till light comes on switches . You slide the switches so the light comes on when the grinding wheel is just past the ends . That's how the grinder knows to switch grinding direction .
Almost ready to grind . I have motor transversing back an forth while adjusting the stone up to the reel . I'm spinning the reel by hand . If it is just ticking all the way across your good to go .If it doesn't then double check measurements and if they are good then the reel may be coned . This usually happens basically if the reels haven't been serviced on a regular bases . You can get a PYE tape to measure the ends to see if they are coned or out of spec for grinding . If it is coned and the measurements from the shaft are right then grind away to straighten them out again . It will grind on one end to center and slowly cut it's way across the whole reel.

This reel sounds right at 15 transverse speed and almost 200 rpm . The reel spin switch is in the up position . To feed the stone up to the reel leave it in turtle mod and tap on the up side of switch . Start off with a light tic ..tic ... first . Once it smooths out a little you can feed the stone a little more heavily . You may have to speed up or slow down the reel speed . I have a trick for that I'll explain below . If it sounds to aggressive right away - back the stone off and adjust reel speed up or down .

 When your done you should feel an edge .

This is a trick from the Dealer ( Eastern Turf ) that came over to service my grinder for me the first time when I received them used  from the sister course . It was worth every penny to see how to properly service the grinder and I also helped out .  Once the grind smooths out for a bit you can see this line going back and forth while it's spinning. The idea is to get the line to stay steady while it's grinding . That's the perfect grinding speed . One more thing this line will stop moving at 2 or 3 different speeds so pick the speed that makes the grinder sound smooth. It should sound like it's grinding effortlessly. this reel was just before 200 . Made a good starting point for the rest of the reels . 

This was a long hard post . Relief grinding next when I catch my breath . 

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