Monday, August 1, 2011

Shop Truck repair

Did this job for the club 2 years ago for safety inspection , Not part of my duties put volunteered to do it so they wouldn't have to buy a new truck . The way I looked at it is if the frames not gone it's still a good truck . Plus I may get more new mowing gear instead . I got the local metal shop to bend the rails for me and I cut them out where needed myself . Gator guarded the underside and got the staff to help me flip it back on . Body works not that great but the truck was pretty beat up so I wasn't to concerned about it . This year I replaced most of the drive line universals and seals ( front to back ) and repaired and replaced lots of brake components . Mechanically it was A1 but needed $600 dollars body work on cab to pass . So we have our truck for another 2 years . I think the boss was / or is holding out for a new truck for him to drive back and forth to work . I suggested to the club that next time they get a truck to get it regularly serviced at dealer ( minus general maintenance) and to get it rust proofed yearly .

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