Monday, July 25, 2011

Mechanics Best Friend

Coming in on a tilt load trailer 

Sorting of parts

Installers getting things ready

Running all the hardware before

the Lift.

WOW freaken awesome !!!

Checking it out . Eventually I wound up backing in from the bay door your looking at and reversing the plates .

Best Christmas Present ever . Took about 3 hrs. for them to set up . I'm using it daily and I couldn't do with out one now. Really speeds things up in daily adjustment . I now come in early and put my wide area rotaries on and change out blades Daily , also frees up so much time that I can adjust and grease the big machinery directly as they come of the wash rack . All those crappy jobs that you try to get away with delaying it for winter work is done right away now with the lift . Took a little getting use to it and also walking under it . Always wear my hard hat now , and a good thing to . Makes adjustments on the tri-plex machines a dream .I was smiling so hard my cheeks hurt .Lol

Want to speed up production / repairs and give a reely big smile on your tech's face .Get him a lift .
Especially if you have the ceiling height . I think we need 13' 6" for this one . So much cheaper for you guys in the states .

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